Van hops curb, wedges in alley

The mid day lunch for those eating at John’s Diner today was interrupted today when a van careened up over the curb, striking one of the Kleenco offices where the impact wedged it into an alley.

The driver, unnamed, fled on foot (and at the time of this article is still at large). Witnesses report that the driver was aiming at a woman bystander when he gunned the van and tried to hit her. The woman is unharmed but shaken and was tended to and released by paramedics.

The buildings hit during the incident only received minor damage, however the vehicle was totaled. More information will be available as more develops.


All Alexandria Monroe schools are on soft lockdown due to the incident, all children are safe and in their rooms.


MAY 9TH 2019 1:48pm est

According to the local school corporation the lockdown has ended and the suspect is in custody.

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